Simple steps to booking your care



When you are ready to use our service, we want you to be sure you are getting exactly the right care at an affordable price.

We’ll happily discuss all the options with you, so you have enough information to make a decision.


Here’s how it works:


1. Make an appointment

We are happy to come to you or you’d be welcome to visit us and meet the team. During your appointment, our highly experienced care manager will further explore your care options, and answer any questions you have. There is no obligation. It is completely your decision and your choice.

2. Design your package

If you decide to go ahead, after everyone is agreed on your requirements, we will design an affordable care package that is tailored to you.

3. Meet your team

All our support workers are chosen for their professionalism and dedication to good service. But it’s important that you get on with each other, so that trust and friendships can be built.

Initially, you will be assigned a Team Leader and given a choice of support workers. If you are not happy with the choice, for whatever reason, we will gladly offer the services of another member of the team. This will be done with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

4. Get continual assessment

The quality of your care is just as important to us as it is to you. We continually assess your needs and make any changes necessary to ensure you are comfortable and happy.

Compassionate Care gladly accept all types of clients aged 18 and above, whether private and self-funding or Local Authority referrals.

Ready to learn more? Contact our team today on 0161 929 6039 or simply email us at: