Good memories are made for Margaret


The challenge

Margaret* has been receiving treatment for Alzheimer’s for a number of years. Following her husband’s death, Margaret’s son, Tim*, took over as main carer.

Before coming to Compassionate Care, Tom had experienced unacceptable levels of service at other care companies, which had caused his mother additional distress.

Tim’s main wish was for his mother to have regular social contact outside their home environment, to ensure she received as much mental and physical stimulation as possible.

The solution

Margaret’s Key Worker, Leanne, quickly developed an amazing rapport with her, and built a case file that documents Margaret’s personal preferences, likes and dislikes. This enables contact with Margaret to be sensitively and tactfully delivered, so she feels reassured and fully supported.

Over the last few years, Margaret and Leanne have enjoyed many days out together – including trips to museums, parks, Christmas parties, and Salvation Army lunches. They have even attended art classes together!

The results

Whilst Margaret’s disease is degenerative, we have seen an improvement in her levels of communication and interaction with others. Routine and familiarity are very important to her.

She has made a lot of new friends along the way and enjoys working with Leanne on her memory book and other personal tasks designed to support her dementia care.

We have also made sure that Tim receives our full support, by providing ad-hoc respite for overnight stays and assistance on other matters, such as financial advice.

*names have been changed for privacy