No worries at night time


The challenge

Andrew* is a 21-year-old man who has suffered from sleep epilepsy ever since childhood. This means he experiences fits when he is asleep and can be subjected to anywhere between two to 12 seizures per night.

Although his family had looked after him his whole life, they could not provide the support he needs seven nights per week indefinitely. They needed someone to help.

The solution

Andrew’s Key Worker established a schedule and routine tailored specifically to his social life and nightly requirements.

If left unattended during the night, Andrew can injure himself during his seizures. He could be left severely disoriented, and needs someone on hand in case he requires emergency attention.

Andrew and his family needed the reassurance that we could support him in managing his illness along with his desire to live as independently as possible.

The results

Working closely with Andrew over a number of visits, his support team have established a very positive relationship.

They have provided him with the appropriate level of care and also worked with him to develop his skills and self-confidence.

*names have been changed for privacy