Care with true compassion


The challenge

Peter* lives in an independent retirement apartment. Following a serious fall, he and his family decided that he would benefit from some extra support, and sought a care package that attended to Peter’s needs. This proved to be essential during one emergency situation.

The solution

In consultation with Peter and his daughter, Compassionate Care tailored a care package including daily visits, assistance with domestic tasks and medication prompts.

Since none of his family lived anywhere near him, it was particularly important that any changes to his health and general wellbeing were shared with his daughter at the earliest convenience.

On one occasion, Peter’s Key Worker, Leanne, received a call from the House Manager, who was concerned that he had been found immobilised in his apartment. Leanne rushed to the scene and, after immediately realising his condition was serious (facial paralysis and inability to move his legs), called an ambulance. Although it was her day off, she waited on standby for over an hour until receiving confirmation that the hospital was keeping him in overnight.

Leanne kept Peter’s daughter and the House Manager fully informed during the situation, whilst collaborating with both the hospital and social service teams. Once she had been advised that Peter could be released from the hospital, Leanne drove to collect him and took him back home. Hospital staff commended her on her swift action and advised that other health issues had been identified, leading to him needing additional medication.

Once Leanne had helped Peter settle back in, she took his new prescription to the local pharmacist and returned his old medication to avoid any confusion.

The results

Compassionate Care successfully managed an emergency situation calmly and professionally, ensuring Peter’s family and House Manager were kept fully informed of events. Leanne personally went out of her way to ensure her client received all relevant support throughout his ordeal.

Ultimately, both Peter and his family have peace of mind that they have someone to call on in the event of any emergency.

*names have been changed for privacy