Georgia Flynn


My role

I am the first point of contact with any of our clients or staff when they come in to our office, so I greeting them and make them feel welcome. I also answer the phone, taking messages and transferring relevant calls to other members of staff in the office. In addition, I provide admin support to everyone in the office and have responsibility for maintaining stationery levels.


My experience

I am taking a Health and Social Care course at college, and this is my first job. It’s an exciting opportunity for me to develop new skills and become more confident in myself, as well as being able to continue with my Health and Social Care course.


Rewards and challenges

Personally, the most rewarding part of my job is being able to learn new skills and become a more confident person. I indirectly help care for each and every one of our lovely clients and work with a group of awesome people!

I think the most challenging part of my job, at the start, was answering the phone because I wasn’t confident. But with kind and understanding colleagues around me, I have overcome my shyness and am now the first point of contact for anyone that phones into the office.