Leanne Simpson


My role

I ensure the services we provide to our clients are at a high standard and remain at that level throughout their time with Compassionate Care. My responsibility is to keep in contact with each and every client, along with family members, on a monthly basis, working to improve our services where possible. It is my job to keep the COMPASSION in the company.


My experience

I started working in care when at 19 years old, as a care assistant in a residential home, assisting residents with 24-hour care as part of a team. I then worked as a senior care worker in a residential home, with responsibility for all the residents plus staff on a day shift. I was also responsible for giving residents their medication throughout the day, making GP/district nurse appointments and dealing with any emergencies or accidents.


Rewards and challenges

The most rewarding thing about my job is being able to keep our clients at home with their families, where they belong, and provide them with the best support possible.

The most challenging is working with the team to share experiences and ensure we are capturing the absolute best practice in everything we do.