Sue Hurt


My role

It is my job to ensure that our clients’ visits are covered by our support workers, ensuring that the right staff are allocated to the right client.  It is an important aim to try and keep consistency of care wherever possible.


My experience

I have worked in administration in a variety of industries over the years.  I started my career at a marketing consultancy, moved on to advertising agencies and then to a multimedia company , before I gave up work for 12 years to bring up my family – something I am very proud of and was fortunate to be able to do.  I returned part time working for a company offering adult learning support to those trying to gain employment.  I found this job rewarding in terms of seeing the increase in self-confidence of people from starting their learning to finishing it.

Making appointments, keeping diaries, booking learning sessions and dealing with the public are some of the things that help in my current role as Care Co-ordinator – that and the organisational skills needed to bring up 3 children!


Rewards and challenges

I love my job and work with a great team of people. I find it extremely rewarding to know that we are there to help and support people who really need it.  Having said that, it can be very challenging when you have a lot of visits to cover and not much time to do it in – there sometimes just aren’t enough hours in the day!  Then again, it’s a great feeling when you do manage to get the job done.